Monday, November 18, 2013

PPE Meeting:

TOPIC:    An open discussion on the scheduled course offerings and options for the future. Please come  ready to share your thoughts!
PLACE:   Library conference room upstairs right next to the coffee shop. 
TIME:     Thursday the 21st at 4PM.
WHO:     PPE students and faculty.


  1. I should preface this comment by pointing out that I am a distance student.

    I have two ideas for possible new classes at EOU. I don't even know if this is even a possibility, but I thought I'd at least throw it out there, and I was directed to this blog to do so. I'd really enjoy courses in both British Economic History (we obviously already have one in US Economic History) and Marxist Economics (not a Marxist, in fact, I'm the complete polar opposite, I just thought it'd be interesting to learn my opposition). I've considered taking both of these subjects in online courses at other institutions, hence my interest in taking them through EOU.

  2. Hi Alex,

    I was glad to see your comment. Congratulations on being the first student to comment on this blog!

    If no one else does, I will bring up your suggestions at the meeting that is taking place later today on campus. As far as US Economic History goes, I believe it has been discontinued an will be replaced by History of Economic Thought, though I may be wrong.

    I'm curious, who referred you to the PPE Blog? If you're interested in being involved with it further, I would be happy to publish something for you or add you as a contributor.

    Matt Chatham